[September 1]

Here it is! The new single from The Bahnz, 'Dig It!'. Released as 7", 12" and as a download single.



[September 11]

'The Pawlett Against The Holy' is released.




[April 16]

A special AT-compilation is released only for the Australian market because of the canceled tour. 'Delayed Classics (From The Galvet Foyle Archives) is the title. The compilation includes two new songs, 'I Dream' and 'The Drowning Girl'. The record will be released as CD and double LP for the Australian market, and as a download for the rest of the world..



[May 5]

'Stop Pretend - The Secret Ms Baker Session E.P' is released today. Check it out here.



[December 27]

'Highland Park' is out now! Enjoy!

[December 2]

The new single, 'The Hidden Faces', is out now! The b-side is a new remix of 'Still In The Dark' by DJ Duplo and Nick Bush. The tracks will be able to buy as a CD-single and download.


[August 12]

'Diverse' is the second single release from the forthcoming album 'Highland Park'. 'Diverse' will be released as four different items, download, 12", 7" and a CD-single. The 12" includes the radio edit of 'Diverse' and The Duplo Rock version. 'The Little Things' live and 'Beautiful Angels' is also included on the 12" while 'Beautiful Angels' will be the b-side and the second track on the 7" and the CD-single.


[May 03] 

The new single, 'The Little Things', is available on download now! Written and produced by The Bahnz. The single will be released both as a 7"-single and CD-single with 'Blossoms' as the b-side track.




[November 5]

A new track is released today. EP and the lads has been in the studio for a while now. This is the first track released from the forthcoming album. Please enjoy - 'The Only Shame We Know'!


[August 10]

The new EP 'Todash' will be out on August 10. Here is the sleeve for the EP and the sleeves for the tracks download.



[June 5]

Blip 'N Bop dedicated to the one and only - Clayton DeLange




[November 1]

Inspired of the latest release, 'The Romance', DJ Duplo and Nick Bush has recorded the track 'The Romance'. The session will soon be included with a vocal version as well.


[October 10]

This new album is a selection of tracks that only has been released on downloads or is left overs from other recordings. It will only be released on CD and download at first, but the band hope there will be a vinyl release as well. Please listen.


[August 24]

Captain's Order is the new release from The Bahnz. This song was originally written for the 'Captain America'-score. But as usual there were some problems with contracts, recording rights etc. So Johnson and co. decided to withdraw the track and release it at WonderWall Records instead. So here it is - download it now and enjoy!

[May 16]

A new download track 'The Chapel Row Incident' is released today. There will be a release for a 12 inch record as well. Release is planned later this summer, in the US only. 'The Chapel Row Incident' will be backed up with 'The Sun, The Light, The Trial' and 'Hurricane Love [The Late Night Version]' on the b-side.



[May 06]

The second single from 'The Trial' is out! The new single 'As Soon As You Came Along I Knew You Were Mine' is released on both CD and vinyl. The CD-single also includes the tracks 'The Dreams Of Pippa' and 'Waylon X [The 2011 Night version]'. On the vinyl there will be three different versions of 'As Soon'. DJ Duplo's Night Call mix and  The Radio Edit version on the a-side. Bush's Will You Be Mine For Ever dub and 'The Dreams Of Pippa [The Explicit mix]' will be on the b-side.



[April 8]

'It's funny how life can change / I never thought this day would come / It's just like a good sad song / It hurts though it's fine / As soon as you came along / I knew you were mine' - Words & Music by The Bahnz.


Includes; 01 Everything You Said Wasn't True 02 As Soon As You Came Along I Knew You Were Mine 03 [She's My] Roller Derby Girl 04 Could This Be The Dream? 05 Neat & Tidy 06 A Difficult Decision 07 Call Me Again 08 Hurricane Love 09 [Just Like] Paltrow 10 Like A Loaded Gun 11 This Will Change Everything 12 The Night Before 13 The Sun, The Light, The Trial [instrumental].                                                                                                                               All tracks written by The Bahnz, except track 4 Johnson/LeBurgh, track 8 and 12 EP Johnson and track 13 Bush/Starmaster/Duplo.


[January 31]


'Roller Derby Girl' will soon be avaliable on 12 inch single. Includes mixes from DJ Duplo and Nick Bush.


[January 20]


[She's My] Roller Derby Girl will be released on CD on January 31.


[January 13]

The new single '[She's My] Roller Derby Girl' will be released in February. The Bahnz new album will be released later this spring.





The latest record by The Bahnz was the 11th October release, The Girl Inside, featuring four tracks. Travel, Starlight, The Gates Of Paradise and the title track The Girl Inside. Only released on CD.




I Thought You Were The One - released on CD & 12" the 6th of September 2010

                                                                                                                                                                   Tracklist CD: I Thought You Were The One [radio edit] / Only For The Night / Divine Dionne / I Thought You Were The One [Duplo extended]

Tracklist 12": A-side - I Thought You Were The One [Bush original remix] B-side - I Thought You Were The One [radio edit] / I Thought You Were The One [Duplo's night speed version]



Don't Dream About Me - released on CD the 23rd of August 2010

Tracklist: Don't Dream About Me / For All The Good Times / It Will Never End


'Time Stood Still' - one of Autobahn Twinz big moments. 'I think the guys have improved themself this time' Troy Zynden explained for the waiting media at the release of the single in June.




'Love For Sale' was one of many good singles released from The Bahnz during 2009.


Maybe this release, 'When It's All Over', is the strongest single ever released from the big four. Taken from the album ' Mark Our Words', also including strong tracks like 'The Kings Of The Universe', 'Almost There Again', 'Her Psychic Charm' and the above mention singles.





2008 was one of the most productive years for Autobahn Twinz. 'Teardrops' was one of the most succesfull releases, both on CD and vinyl.


Even if 'Teardrops' were the best selling single, 'Sherryl Clarke' was defenitley the strongest track that The Bahnz released in 2008. Instead of releasing an album 2008 The Bahnz released over fifteen singles such as 'Cassavetes', 'Fury', 'Handsome Lloyd' and 'Hot Sheila'.


The single 'Cassavetes' reach as far as top 10 in Australia, their best ever chart position there. 'Did Dodi Die?' was their best single performance in Australia before, reaching position #12 in 1997.



After their huge success in 2006 The Bahnz managed to fulfil all the expectations for 2007. The releases of 'Can You Take Me Home' and 'Lafferty' made a great inpact in all countries where they were released.



Their great album release, 'Are You Still Mine', made The Bahnz the fastest selling band in Canada...


...and their next single release 'So Rude', a none album track, the most played single in Canada and Norway in September.



The most productive year for Autobahn Twinz so far. There were more than twenty record releases in 2006.




'The Big White Lie', 'That's Good' and 'Riders Of The Dark' was the best selling singles...


...together with the great 'Riders Of the Dark' album release, reaching number one in both Scotland and Sweden.



The album 'Boston' is released.


'Rip Off The Old Standars' became the most successful single release from 'Boston'.




A tough time for The Bahnz. There were a few recordings made during this years, but the break-up between EP and Marisha Everoy took a lot of strength on all group members. The planned world tour in 2002 were called off.


'Clash Priority' was definitely the greatest release during this time. Reaching the top 20 in both UK and Germany.




'The Outlaws Of The World' became a real smash hit album for Autobahn Twinz. The song 'Where Everyone Wants To Hide Their True Heart' were the most played song on the radio in the UK during June to August.




'This Might Be Just The Reason' become a huge success in the US.




'The complete album - A CLASSIC!' The NME shouted out to the world. Autobahn Twinz masterpiece 'Light' is their best selling album ever. Includes the hits, 'So Light', '16:55', 'Smashing Beauties' and 'All 'n' All'.




England's biggest loss became Autobahn Twinz real break-through. An Autobahn Twinz year to remember. 'Did Dodi Die?' became the anthem for the group and is still their most money bringing single release.



Another successful album, 'The Square Pushers - The Ultimate Domaine vol. 5', is released on both LP and CD. Classic tracks like 'Euro Sat' and 'The Hidden Page' is included on the album.





'Bend Over [I'll Drive You On]' and 'Boston Hospitality' is released.




Autobahn Twinz first compilation album 'The Average Sun Keepers'. Includes classic tracks like, 'Don't Change Your Face', 'Goa To Hell', 'Punish', 'Reactor Kids' and 'Waylon X'.



Three of The Bahnz' early classics is released this year. 'Punish', 'Goa To Hell' and 'Sold On Soul'.




The banned years. Autobahn Twinz emigrates to the US and starts colaborate with the multi musician Steve 'Pearl' Haskett. The bass player Marisha Everoy joins the band and EP soon begins a relationship with her.


The Bahnz releases five single/E.P. records during this period, and The Order is the most successful one.




The now classic and most debated single in 1990, We're Not Gonna Fake It Anymore, is released. The cover sleeve is too much for the brittish censor people and the band is banned in England.




You Might Be In Heaven, Autobahn Twinz first album is released on a double LP.


Bound To Logical Board - the classic instrumental CD Maxi is released on Art DeChein Inc. Even though it was an instrumental record it became the best selling record for Art DeChein so far. The great Franc Girac produced and mixed this masterpiece and became one of the most popular and wanted producers after this success.



The Saints; Impossible To Reach - released on 12".


This recording includes two of The Bahnz biggest songs ever. The melancolic 'Waylon X' and the stunning 'Don't Change Your Face'. Even the masterpiece 'Ever So Lonely At 5 PM' was included. Both 'Don't Change' and 'Ever So Lonely' became bigger hits when they were released on CD for the first time in 1994.




The debut single 'Grande Cerveza' released on Art DeChein Inc. Released only on 7" with the double b-side, 'Out of Range' and 'The Pilot'. Features the classic first set-up with EP, Bush, TroyZynden and Brian 'Brain' McGrain.



EP Johnson, Nick Bush and Shakin' Starmaster

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