ELTON P. JOHNSON - noise, voice and piano. The leader of the group. Started the band in 1986 together with Nick Bush. EP writes most of the lyrics and is the man behind the layout on most of their record covers.

NICOLAS BUSH - keyboards and synthesizers. Bush celebrates a 25th year anniversary with the band. Bush is the one who has the most influence of The Bahnz sound. Produces and mixes the most of the music together with DJ Duplo.

FERDY 'SHAKIN' STARMASTER - guitars, backing vocals and harmonica. The guitar genius Starmaster joined the group in 1989. Still shakin'. He and Bush writes most of Autobahn's music together.

KEVIN CARTIER - drums and percussions. Named Carter when he joined the group in the late 90's. In his come back with the group he changed his name to Cartier. The fourth regular band member.

DJ DUPLO - programing and noise. Sometimes a regular band member. Involved in mixing and recording on almost all recordings by Autobahn Twinz, together with Bush.

BRENDA LEE MacCOLLIMAR - vocals. Brenda has been a regular member since 2008. She has backed up the band from time to time ever since the beginning of 2000. Her first appearance were on the single 'The Chelsea Girls' in 2000.


EP Johnson, Nick Bush and Shakin' Starmaster

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