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[February 3] The band will take a break for the whole year. More information soon.



[September 1] The new single 'Dig It!' is out. Released only on 7" in 500 copies.


[August 31] Look out for new material from our heroes. There will soon be new music out.



[August 2] Finally! A new EP will be out within the next two weeks. 'The Pawlett Against The Holy' is the title and also the main track. There will be a couple of new tracks and also including a live version of 'Reactor Kids'. Della Houston will be one of the co-writers for the new songs.



[February 3] Autobahn Twinz planned Australian tour has been posponed and the band will take a break. Hopefully there will be some activity in late 2015 or beginning of 2016. Please be patience.



[April 22] After the brief success with the 'Highland Park' album, The Bahnz will be ready for a new release. The new record, an EP, will be released sometime next month. The working name is, Stop Pretend - The Secret Ms Baker Sessions'.

[January 1] We wish all of our fans and supporters A Very Happy & Good New Year!



[December 27] Today the new album 'Highland Park' reached the stores in the UK and the rest of Europe.

[November 18] The next single will be 'The Hidden Faces'. Release is set to the beginning of December.

[October 2] The album release for 'Highland Park' has been delayed and moved to December. Please follow the site for more information. There has been discussions to release one more single before the album hits the stores.

[August 12] 'Diverse' will be the second single to be released before the album, 'Highland Park', hits the stores in September. There will be four different items, download, 12", 7" and a CD-single, to watch out for. The download track and the CD-single will be released on Monday August 26th.

[May 03] The first track from the forthcoming studio album, 'Highland Park', is released on download today. 'The Little Things' is both written and produced by The Bahnz.

[April 16] After a long break the lads are now back in the studio. There is a scedule including a new release in May and a new album later in the summer.



[December 31] HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

[November 05] A new track, 'The Only Shame We Know', is out. See more information on the Music site.

[August 10] 'Todash!' is out. 

[July 24] A new EP with four tracks will be relaesed in early August. Watch out!

[June 5] A new track - 'Blip 'N Bop' - is out now. The track is dedicated in memories of Clayton DeLange who saddly died yesterday after a few months of illness. 'We will always cherish the moments with you' - The Bahnz.

[April 27] Rumours are saying that The Bahnz is in the studio again.



[August 24] The new Bahnz track, 'The Captain's Order', will not be on the soundtrack for the Captain America movie. Wonderwall Records has now decided to release it as a download track instead. Enjoy!

[August 12] Look out for the new 12 inch! Today 'The Chapel Row Incident' is released on 12" in the U.S. Backed up with 'The Sun, The Light, The Trial' and 'Hurricane Love [The Late Night Version]' on the B-side.

[August 1] The guys are in the studio...

[June 11] Rumours says that The Bahnz has a new track that may be featured on the soundtrack for the new 'Captain America' movie. Watch out for it this summer.

[May 16]  'The Chapel Row Incident' is a new download track written by The Bahnz. As usual it's mixed by Nick and Duplo and has a really groove rhythm. It will be released as an 12 inch record as well.

[May 12] EP Johnson's new mini album 'At White Sands' is out. Only available on vinyl.

[May 6] The new second single from 'The Trial', 'As Soon As You Came Along I Knew You Were Mine' is out.

[April 8] Finally the new album is out! See more information for the album on the album site.   

[March 15] The release date for 'The Sun, The Light, The Trial' has been delayed. Right now the album is due to be relaesed in the beginning of April instead for the original date 28th of March. The record is finished but there has been some difficulties for the promotion of the record.

[March 8] The new album - 'The Sun, The Light, The Trial' - will be out March 28! Track info for the new album. The first single 'Roller Derby Girl' will be followed by the second single, 'Everything You Said Wasn't True', in the begining of April. Other tracks on the album is: 'Hurricane Love', Could This Be The Dream?', 'This Will Change Everything', 'Call Me Again', 'As Soon As You Came Along I Knew You Were Mine' and '(Just Like) Paltrow. A few more tracks will be included on the album. 'Like A Loaded Gun' and 'A Difficult Decision' are two tracks that may qualify to the final tracklist.                

[January 31] The new single is out! Autobahn Twinz new single '[She's My] Roller Derby Girl' is released as a CD-single including three new tracks. The title song and 'It's Always You' and 'Shine Again'. You'll find more information in the Music file.

[January 20] The first single from the new Autobahn Twinz album will be released on January 31. [She's My] Roller Derby Girl will be relaesed only on CD. The title track is written by EP Johnson (lyrics) and Nick Bush and Starmaster (music). You'll find more information in the Music file.

[January 13] The new Autobahn Twinz album will be out during spring 2011. The working title for the album is 'The Trial'. Nick Bush and DJ Duplo will be in charge of the recording. One of the new tracks is named 'The Sun, The Light, The Trial'. The lyrics is written by EP and the music by Bush and Starmaster. Rumors says that the song is about the ups and downs of The Bahnz' career.



[December 31] Autobahn Twinz and WonderWall Records wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope to see you all in 2011! EP, Bush, Starmaster and Kev.

[December 19] This day in 1989 Art DeChein dies 61 years old. The founder of Art DeChein Inc., Art DeChein himself dies after several months of illness. His heart stopped, a little bit ironicly, at 5 pm that morning. Art DeChein Inc. were Autobahn Twinz first record label. The release of their debut 'Grande Cerveza' was one of the most important signings for the label. The single 'Ever So Lonely At 5 PM' were also released on Art DeChein Records.

[October 11] The new single - THE GIRL INSIDE - is released on WonderWall Records.




EP Johnson, Nick Bush and Shakin' Starmaster

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